Happy Customers

Happy Customer With Portrait

"The painting has wonderful depth, no matter where I put it and the puppy's fur looks so soft it makes me want to touch it . The painting pleases me such that it brings tears of joy to my eyes . What a wonderful thing you have done for me, Jeannie! ! ! I really do love it."

Happy Customer With Portrait

"Thanks for the beautiful portrait. I will cherish forever!"

Sydney with her Portrait

Sydney with her portrait.

Joey with his Portrait

Joey with his portrait. 
"Yea, I'm a star, I know it!"

Mia Sees Her Portrait

"Ohhh Jeannie that is so perfect!"
"What a wonderful representation of her! So precious and beautifully captured."

"Chubb's portrait is so perfect--it captures his personality perfectly! I seriously can't thank you enough."

Happy Customers With Portrait

"Just want to let you know that we received the portrait and picked it up on Saturday. The whole family ...just absolutely loved it. We're very pleased."

Happy Customers With Portrait

"Oh my goodness! What a beautiful and true portrait of our sweet Trix. Jeannie, you truly captured Trixie's face, eyes, her expression, tufted ears, and beautiful coloring and coat. I can't tell you how happy we are to have your painting. I can't imagine how you did it, but I'm so glad you did! Thank you so much."

"The portrait of Spunky is wonderful! Thank you so much!!"

Happy Customer With Portrait

Delivering painting of my parents to my beautiful Mom.

Ada's Portrait

Ada with her portrait.

Comet's Portrait

Comet with her Portrait.
"Thanks for everything. I know Holly really loves Comet's eyes and you captured them perfectly. Actually we didn't expect that because it's very subtle and I figured difficult to do ... but they're perfect. And the hair also. ... It just looks so great!"

Happy Customers With Portrait

"I can't stop looking at it. 
you have their eyes so perfect, just amazing! Love it, Max looks great too!!" 
"O my it is just Beautiful, you got their expressions so perfect. 

Amazing, I am so excited."

Happy Customer With Portrait

"Oh..Gosh....it looks wonderful...
It should be on the cover of a pet magazine....AWESOME!!!!!!""

Happy Customer With Portrait

"I am simply amazed how you could do such an incredible job without even having seen the property first hand. You really "nailed it". ... Your talent continues to impress!!"

Zeek's Portrait

Zeek with his portrait. 
"What can I say? I'm adorable."

Bentley with his Portrait

Bentley with his portrait.
"I was so surprised 
to get your package 
and see my little Bentley!! 
Jeannie, you are amazing!"

"Thanks for capturing our happiness and putting it on a canvas!"

More Happy Comments

"I picked up my portrait today and in a word, It's AWESOME. Great job. The coloring of her coat and eyes is just right, exactly how she looks... Today was one of our best Christmas' ever and Trixie's portrait played a big part. It was a huge hit, we all love it.""


"I was expecting just a pet portrait, but this is a work of art."


"The painting is beautiful. It isn't a painting of just any Labrador Retriever, it's a painting of Maddie." 


"Amazing work. I love my painting so much it's hanging where it's the first thing people see when they walk in my house. It captures my Kiwi's personality and looks perfect. 10 out of 10!"


"That's Bailey! I love the attention to detail you put into the painting."