Custom Portraits & Paintings 
by Jeannie Everett
Custom Portraits & Paintings 
by Jeannie Everett
Custom Portraits & Paintings 
by Jeannie Everett

What better gift is there than an original work of art?

An artistic investment which can be handed down from generation to generation. 

A beautiful memory of a special time and place.

A one of a kind treasure for yourself or someone very special.

When you commission a portrait or painting from me your memory will be preserved as a work of art that you will cherish forever.

I spend hours on each painting capturing the essence of each subject to almost bring it to life - the subject often looks like it is going to jump off of the canvas while being painted. Before beginning each painting I spend a great deal of time designing the composition. The paintings are never simply reproductions of the photos but a reflection of my unique artistic talent and experience.

Still Life Painting

About Jeannie

Jeannie Everett - Artist Painting

Jeannie has loved creating artwork for as long as she can remember. She won first prize for her painting at the Anderson County (SC) Art Show at the age of 7 and created her first commissioned portrait drawing at the age of 14. After completing degrees in Art and Art Education in 1986, she was commissioned to create 2 landscape paintings for the SC Attorney General's office, and she displayed her artwork in museums and galleries across the state of South Carolina and Georgia.

She soon began work as a Graphic/Web Designer at BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Corporation where she worked for 22 years, saving evenings and weekends for acrylic and watercolor canvases.


Today she has been allowed to return full circle to her original passion which is painting and drawing.


Jeannie enjoys painting portraits of domestic animals such as dogs, cats or horses, but she also accepts commissions for portraits or paintings of any kind, including homes, autos or boats, and landscapes.


Her work captures likeness and expression with a unique style providing a richness of depth, vivid colors and attention to detail.


The artist currently lives in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, Georgia with her husband Carlos and her two dogs Joey and Zeek.

Happy Customers

Happy Customer with Portrait

"The painting has wonderful depth, and the puppy's fur looks so soft it makes me want to touch it. The painting pleases me such that it brings tears of joy to my eyes."


I love making my customers happy.