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I would love to paint an original portrait or painting for you . If you would like to place an order or would just like more information, please e-mail me . 

The more I know about the subject(s) I am painting, the easier it is for me to capture each one's unique personality & beauty. The following are essential:

A quality photo (or photos) of your subject. I can make changes to the photos or combine different photos into 1 photo, so if you have trouble getting the perfect picture, let me know. I will also work with the photos you e-mail to create an eye-catching composition.

description of what you would like to achieve in the custom painting. Also I love reading about the people and the pets that I am painting, so if you could tell me a little about them, it would be very helpful to me.

Gift Vouchers

Custom portraits and prints make truly loving gifts but they do take time to create. If it is too late to have the painting completed by a desired date, I can send a gift voucher . 

I can deliver the voucher to you or someone you specify either by e-mail or by mail 

The gift voucher offers a perfect solution when running late, because it offers not only an original work of art, but the excitement of knowing it is being created especially for them!

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